Maharashtra emerge MTB Champions

States Pranita, Karnataka lad Charitgowda adjudged best cyclists

Maharashtra emerge MTB Champions
Pic: General championship winners Maharashtra

PUNE: Host’s Maharashtra proved their worth at home winning the General Championship of the 18th MTB (Mountain Terrain Bike) National Championship which concluded at Alandi-Pune, here on Saturday.

In end analysis, Maharashtra topped with 82 points to dethrone Karnataka (55 points) and regain lost glory that they had won back in 2015.

Day Three of the championship organised by the Cycling Association of Maharashtra, under the aegis of Cycling Federation of India, saw Maharashtra cyclists win six gold out of the 11 at stake. As a result of this gold rush, Maharashtra ended the championship with 9 gold 8 silver and 5 bronze.

The only challenge that Maharashtra faced on the final day of the competition was from Karnataka who bagged 4 gold, while Himachal Pradesh won 1 gold.

The high-point of the Maharashtra domination on the last day was by the women cyclists in the Elite Women Cross Country Olympic (30 km; 6 lap) race and the Sub Junior Cross Country Olympic (15 km; 3 lap) race respectively.

In the Elite Women Cross Country Olympic event, Pranita Soman topped with 1 hour 29 minutes 26.944s, followed by teammates Rutika Gaikwad 1:32:10.862s and Priyanka Karande 1:38:43.014s. Later, in the Sub-junior Girls event, it was Siddhi Shirke who finished first 48 minutes 13.805s, while her fellow teammates Vaishnavi Patil (53:28.359s)  and Kenis Dmello (53:43.131s) took the silver and bronze respectively.

Maharashtra overall topped in two categories the Elite Women (22 points) and Sub Junior (34 points) and finished runners up in the Junior category (16 points).

Meanwhile, Charithgowda led the Karnataka charge winning the Junior Men Cross Country event.

The Best Cyclist (Female) Award was claimed by Aurangabad’s Pranita Soman of Maharashtra. Pranita who had won the Best Cyclist award in the last edition at Karnataka thus made it two-in-a-row. She finished the Pune edition with 2 individual gold medals and 1 in the Mixed Team event.

Karnataka’s Junior cyclist Charithgowda bagged the Best Cyclist (Male) Award bagging 2 individual Golds and 1 in the Mixed Team event.


General Championship: 1-Maharashtra: 82 points, 2-Karnataka: 55 points

Elite Men: 1-Himachal Pradesh (7 points); 2-Manipur (6 pts)

Elite Women: 1- Maharashtra (22 points); 2-Karnataka (4 points)

Junior: 1-Karnataka (31 pts); 2-Maharashtra (16 pts)

Sub Junior: 1-Maharashtra (34); 2-Karnataka (17 pts)

Best Cyclist Male: Charithgowda (Karnataka; 2 Gold Individual, 1 Gold Team)

Best Cyclist Female: Pranita Soman (Maharashtra; 2 Gold Individual, 1 Gold Team)


Mixed Team Relay, Elite [20 Km. (4 Laps)]

  1. Maharashtra - 53 minutes 02.370s
  2. Karnataka - 53 minutes 59.427s
  3. Himachal Pradesh - 55 minutes 46.768s
  4. Uttarakhand - 57 minutes 11.899s
  5. West Bengal - 59 minutes 21.162s
  6. IAF – 1 hour 04 minutes 34.872s

Men Junior; Cross Country Olympic [30 Km. (6 Laps)]

  1. Charithgowda (Karnataka) 1 hour 02 minute 47.068s
  2. Sudanshu Limbu (West Bengal) 1:03:32.492s
  3. Kanishk Sharma (Himachal Pradesh) 1:03:48.255s
  4. Smaran Subbaiah A.K (Karnataka) 1:06:50.975s
  5. Jateen Joshi (Maharashtra) 1:08:14.035s
  6. Joy Kapoor (Himachal Pradesh) 1:08:26.832s

Women Junior; Cross Country Olympic [20 Km. (4 Laps)]

  1. Star Narzary (Karnataka) 48 minutes 31.620s
  2. Manali Ratnoji (Maharashtra) 48:37.481s
  3. Radhika Darade (Maharashtra) 50:48.296s
  4. Akshata Biradar (Karnataka) 53:04.285s
  5. Manisha (Rajasthan) 58:06.039s
  6. Palak Thakur (Himachal Pradesh) 59:49.215s

Sub Junior Girls; Cross Country Olympic [15 Km. (3 Laps)]

  1. Siddhi Shirke (Maharashtra) 48 minutes 13.805s
  2. Vaishnavi Patil (Maharashtra) 53:28.359s
  3. Kenis Dmello (Maharashtra) 53:43.131s
  4. Nagasiri H.N. (Karnataka) 55:00.698s
  5. Nita (Gujarat) 59:56.614s
  6. Sameeha Dcunha (Maharashtra) 1:08:46.494s

Sub Junior Boys; Individual Time Trial [10 Km. (2 Laps)]

  1. Samarpan Jain (Karnataka) 24 minutes 48.950s
  2. Adeep Wagh (Maharashtra) 25:11.270s
  3. Suraj Rai (West Bengal) 25:15.304s
  4. Avnish Rana (Uttarakhand) 25:15.988s
  5. Jai Dogra (Chandigarh) 25:23.867s
  6. Nikhil Bisht (Uttarakhand) 25:40.396s

Junior Girls; Cross Country Olympic [10 Km. (2 Laps)]

  1. Akanksha Mhetre (Maharashtra) 28 minutes 47.661s
  2. Shravani Parit (Maharashtra) 30:26.532s
  3. Avani Dariyal (Uttarakhand) 31:46.040s
  4. Rutu Bhamare (Maharashtra) 32:20.542s
  5. Chaya Nagashetti (Karnataka) 35:02.629s
  6. K. Hashini (Tamil Nadu) 37:29.626s 

Women Junior; Individual Time Trial [15 Km. (3 Laps)]

  1. Manali Ratnoji (Maharashtra) 47 minutes 24.704s
  2. Star Narzary (Karnataka) 47:33.351s
  3. Radhika Darade (Maharashtra) 49:27.611s
  4. Rinki (Haryana) 54:45.425s
  5. Palak Thakur (Himachal Pradesh) 54:59.705s
  6. Manisha (Rajasthan) 58:10.509s

Women Elite; Individual Time Trial [20 Km. (4 Laps)]

  1. Pranita Soman (Maharashtra) 1 hour 15 minutes 49.753s
  2. Rutika Gaikwad (Maharashtra) 1:18:50.196s
  3. Joysana Narzary (Karnataka) 1:27:33.614s
  4. Rubi Lombo (Arunachal Pradesh) 1:28:10.400s
  5. Priyanka Mehta (Uttarakhand) 1:29:50.162s
  6. Pragya Chettri (West Bengal) 1:35:05.759s

Men Elite; Cross Country Olympic [40 Km. (8 Laps)]

  1. Shiven (Himachal Pradesh) 1 hour 52 minute 42.400s
  2. Kamlesh Rana (AAW) 1:53:01.991s
  3. Khariksing Adonis Tangpu (Manipur) 1:54:50.039s
  4. Devender Kumar (Himachal Pradesh) 1:55:16.530s
  5. Prakash Thapa Magar (AAW) 2:02:21.091s
  6. K Kirankumar Raju (Karnataka) 2:04:23.317s

Women Elite; Cross Country Olympic [30 Km. (6 Laps)]

  1. Pranita Soman (Maharashtra) 1 hour 29 minutes 26.944s
  2. Rutika Gaikwad (Maharashtra) 1:32:10.862s
  3. Priyanka Karande (Maharashtra) 1:38:43.014s

Mixed Team Relay Junior [20 Km. (4 Laps)]

  1. Karnataka - 53 minutes 59.427s
  2. Maharashtra - 53 minutes 02.370s
  3. Haryana – 1 hour 04 minutes 55.003s